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J&J Farm's products are so tasty that my family has stopped purchasing meat & eggs from the grocery store! Not only does everything taste amazing, but we know that the products are healthier for us and that the animals are treated like they deserve. We started out trying the ground beef and immediately realized that whatever we were eating before was tasteless and unappealing in comparison! My favorite products include the ribeye steaks (my mouth waters just THINKING about these) and the chicken eggs. Everyone knows that fresh farm eggs are tastier than conventionally raised, but J&J Farms' eggs are even a cut above other fresh farm eggs! The yolks are creamier and the eggs are tastier. As a J&J customer, I get more than great products. Jim & Jane take the time to get to know each one of their customers and forge friendships with them. I look forward to visiting with them every week at the farmer's market! I love the confidence of knowing that the meat & eggs that I feed my family come from a responsible farm with happy animals. ~~Nicci Wiedenhoft
I have purchased and enjoyed the beef, pork, lamb, eggs and milk from J and J Farms for several years now. Not only are they fresh and delicious, they are healthy! It matters to me what my family eats, where it comes from and how it is raised and processed. I believe J and J Farms cares for each of their customers, the way they care for their own family, and that is why it is worth my time and money to shop with them every Saturday at the Jackson Farmers Market.
 I am blessed to shop locally........Marianna Dusenberry 
We LOVE EVERYTHING we get from J & J Farm!!  The beef is perfect, the chickens are huge and  we  love knowing that it's healthy too!  They take good care of us, they're like family!  Lisa Shephard