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We LOVE EVERYTHING we get from J & J Farm!!  The beef is perfect, the chickens are huge and  we  love knowing that it's healthy too!  They take good care of us, they're like family!  Lisa Shephard

J and J has been such a blessing of a farm for our family to buy our meat from. We want to buy local and it means so much to know we have J and J to support. Thank you J and J for making the West Tennessee Farmer’s market a better place! 

We began purchasing meats from J&J several years ago at the Jackson Farmer's Market. At first, it was an experiment in comparing quality and price to supermarket brands combined with an effort to make healthier choices.  

J&J far exceeded our expectation and continue to do so with every purchase. Jim and Jane are some of the best people you'll ever meet. 

The quality and variety of their choices are excellent. The all natural products leave you feeling satisfied after every meal.  

I am always amazed. When you cook a pound of ground beef, you get a pound! The beef doesn't dissolve away into some weird liquid from unknown by-products. Same goes for their other products.  

We love J&J!!